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Good sleep is key for a balanced, healthy life – yet studies show that at least 1 in 4 people would rate their sleep quality as “mediocre” to “bad”. Why is that? And what can we do to improve the quality of sleep?

Our sleep environment has a big impact on how good (or bad) we sleep. This includes room temperature (ideally not above 18°C), bedding (breathable, natural fibers) but above all sleepwear. It is, after all, what we wear closest to our skin and one of the biggest influences on our body temperature. And body temperature has been proven to be one of the most important factors in sleep quality. Our deep sleep phases and REM sleep are particularly impacted by temperature fluctuations, and as a result we spend less time in these crucial phases. Studies have shown that around 40% of people mention being too warm or too cold as one of the main reasons for waking up at night. If we become too warm, and can’t release that heat fast enough, we will start to sweat. And while sweating at night is a normal physiological process, excess sweating can lead to uncomfortably damp nightwear. Also, it will cool down the body to such an extent that the core body temperature falls below the optimal value. And if we get too cold, trembling occurs – usually the moment sleep is no longer possible.

For those reasons, it is important to help your body release excess heat and moisture. Wearing breathable, moisture wicking sleepwear can make a big difference to how well you’re sleeping.


To tackle the issue of declining sleep quality, Dagsmejan has taken to science and the latest textile technology. Together with leading experts from the fields of material science, sleep research and textile engineering & design, the physiological needs of the sleeping body were taken into account for the creation of Dagsmejan’s functional nightwear.

Using innovative textile technologies, it was possible to refine natural fibres that already have good climatic properties in such a way that they are ideally suited to the needs of the sleeping body. Not only do they support the body’s own thermoregulation and keep it in the optimal climate zone for sleep, but they also wick away moisture much faster than regular cotton.

Equipped with the knowledge that our bodies are highly sensitive to touch during sleep, only the finest natural fibre from sustainable cultivation is used in the nightwear. Also, it was made sure that there are no scratchy labels and all seams are placed in such a way that they neither disturb nor twist during sleep. Using a reduced, Scandinavian-inspired design approach, pyjamas by Dagsmejan are not only highly functional, but also add a little style to your bedroom.

“Equipped with the knowledge that our bodies are highly sensitive to touch during sleep, only the finest natural fibre from sustainable cultivation is used in the nightwear.


Bed consultation

Sleep is a unique and complex activity that is deeply personal and private. There is no one- size-fits-all solution to finding the perfect bed and that is why we offer our individually tailored sleep consultations, held by our highly trained sleep specialists.




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