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Bed consultation

Sleep is a unique and complex activity that is deeply personal and private. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to finding the perfect bed and that is why we offer our individually tailored Sleep Consultations, held by our highly trained sleep specialists.


Our approach

In this section we will guide you through our unique approach to bed
consultations and give you indications of how to achieve the most out of it.


Ensure you have no other appointments straight after the consultation and allow approximately 1 hour.

Take notes of your sleep style prior to your consultation.

Wear comfortable clothes.


We will start with a short set of questions to understand your sleep style better after which we will suggest a selection of three to four beds to try.

You may identify your favourite straight away or need a bit of time to think about it.

Either way – we will advise and help you along the way.


We will create an in depth document outlining your order.

You can ask any questions.


How to prepare




  1. Please ensure that the date you pick for your bed consultation isn’t during a period of high stress or where you may have to rush to another appointment straight after. Allow approximately 1.5hrs for your consultation and if you share your bed with a partner, they should take part in the consultation alongside you, to allow for the optimum outcome.
  2. Take notes of your sleep style prior to your consultation. Think about the positions you sleep in, how active are you, do you change position etc. Understanding the positions your body finds itself in during sleep is crucial in helping us find the right bed and tension for you.
  3. Please wear comfortable clothes to your sleep consultation as it will help us emulate your complete sleep scenario.

I would like a bed consultation

Meet the experts


We work with a team of highly trained and dedicated sleep and bed experts, who will be able to guide you through the process of finding the ideal bed for you.

They understand the importance of personally tailoring each bed to the individual and will take the time to get to know you in order to advise accordingly.

I would like a callback


Cédric Godot


Janine Pia Ceboci


Aurore Luciano


William-H. Torres

«Feuchtigkeit im Bett»

Nächtliches Schwitzen ist normal. Bei falschen Materialien im Bett sammelt sich diese Feuchtigkeit jedoch schnell und schadet der Hygiene im Bett.

«Verspannungen und Druckpunkte»

Verspannungen und taube Gliedmassen sind ein klares Indiz dafür, dass der Härtegrad der Matratze nicht stimmt. Bei einer Bettenkonsultation lernen wir, auf was es bei der Auswahl der Matratze zu achten gilt. 


Below you can find a selection of our most asked questions.
Should you have any additional questions please feel free to get in touch here.

I have no specific problem or question, but I just want to come by and have a look, is that ok?
Of course. You are always welcome to come by and have a look at our beds and bed accessories. You can find the opening times for our stores here. Should you be interested in a more in-depth bed consultation, you can find out more here and book a time that suits you here.
How much do your beds cost?

The prices of our beds vary depending on brand, size and chosen design. Prices across all our bed brands range from CHF 6,500 to CHF 70,000 for double beds. For those looking for the most exclusive bed ranges, we also offer the Hästens Vividus and Hästens Grand Vividus.

I don’t have a large budget to spend on a new bed, should I still come to you?

Please do. It is our aim to help anyone who comes to us to improve their sleep and we know the difference we can make with our expert advice. A double bed starts from CHF 6,500 but quite often, even a topper or a new pillow can make all the difference to the quality of your sleep.

What types of products do you sell?

At SLEEP ATELIER we offer a broad range of premium sleep related products, ranging from beds to accessories. We believe that products made from natural materials offer the best and most comfortable sleep environments and that it is of the utmost importance that their manufacture is ethical and socially sustainable. These are the values and guidelines we follow when choosing our suppliers and we are therefore delighted to be working with incredible brands such as Hästens, Vispring and Somnus by Harrison Spinks alongside a carefully curated selection of down products and bed linen from our own SLEEP ATELIER line.

Why should I choose SLEEP ATELIER over other stores?

Purchasing a bed is often a large investment and we believe that as such it should last, if you so wish, a lifetime. It is therefore important to find a bed that is tailored to your needs. This doesn’t mean the most expensive bed but a bed that gives you the required support and comfort and is entirely tailored, depending on your sleeping position(s), your body shape and weight. Our entire team has been trained in and have years of experience in this type of highly personalised sleep consultation. They will always ensure to take all the time necessary to find the right bed for you.

Why should I spend this much money on a new bed?

Because your health and wellbeing should come first, as they form the foundations of so many aspects of your everyday life. We spend a third of our lives in bed and as such we believe this should be reflected in the type of bed and sleep accessories we choose.

Where are your stores located?
You can find a list of our stores, including locations and contact details here.
I haven’t got a SLEEP ATELIER store nearby, can I still purchase from you?

All our accessories are available in our online store and should you have any queries you can always reach us via telephone or e-mail. We don’t offer bed purchases online as we believe they need to be seen and tested in person in order to make the right decision. You can, however, book an initial consultation via telephone or video, where we will be able to talk you through our range of beds, discuss colourways, prices, headboards etc. This will give you an initial understanding of what’s on offer as well as make the decision of visiting one of our stores much easier.

Can you help me dispose of my old bed?

Yes, we offer this service. Let us know when you order your new bed and, for a small fee, we will arrange for your old bed to be removed when the new one is delivered.

I have an existing bed frame, which I would like to keep. Is this possible?

In most cases; yes. Please bring along some photographs of your existing bed frame when you visit, including measurements of the interior area (where the mattress sits). Our team is experienced in this and will be able advise on solutions that are both comfortable and supportive, as well as fit your existing bed frame. If necessary, we also offer home visits, to ensure that the solution that has been suggested really works for you.

Do I also need to buy a headboard from you?

No. All beds are self-supportive and don’t require a headboard for stability. The headboards are design features that can be used to complete your interior design decisions.

I have an existing headboard that I like, can I keep this?

Yes. We just need to investigate how your headboard is mounted to recommend a long lasting attachment solution.

I am not sure if one of your beds will fit into my flat. Can you help?

Our beds come in varying sizes, ranging from 90cm to 230cm wide and can be ordered with a split base and/or mattress to make the delivery easier. To be extra safe, please bring along some photographs of the entrance and stairwell of your property and we can also make a home visit to inspect this further. Our transportation provider knows how to handle our beds in the safest way possible and is used to facing various situations. We have, in the past, delivered beds using a crane and entering the property via a balcony or window. There is always a solution.

How do I know if I have chosen the right bed?

Our entire team is highly trained and experienced in giving bed and sleep consultations and they can gauge whether a bed is the right fit for you. When you come to one of our stores for a consultation it is important that you leave enough time and don’t have to rush to the next appointment straight after. You should be relaxed and only focussed on your consultation – physically and mentally. Should you not be entirely convinced after a first consultation, you are more than welcome to come back. Based on our years of experience, we are convinced that we will find the right bed for you that offers you the comfort and support you need.

Do you have a returns policy if I am not satisfied?

No we don’t. This is why we put so much emphasis on our bed consultations. We believe that the combination of our expertise with the time spent with you allows us to find the right bed for you. Out of all the beds we sell throughout the year only 1-2 customers come back asking for a different firmness. In those instances we always try to find a solution.

What are your delivery times?

All our beds are made to order and delivery times range from 6-8 weeks, including headboards. For some of our accessories, in standards sizes, we have products available for immediate delivery. For special sizes, we can deliver within 3-4 weeks.