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Sleep Atelier x Yogamarket

at Hotel Huus, Gstaad

23 – 25 JANUARY 2022

Our overstimulated way of life leads to a permanent state of hyperactivity, which again leads to many people not being able to fall asleep or sleep through the night and thus being unable to rest and recover during the night. Anticipation for the next holiday, problems at work, a new love or problems with the partner, late emails on the phone next to the bed: There are plenty of things that can prevent us from falling asleep or sleeping through the night. The fear of not being well-rested the next day, of not being fit or able to perform to one’s standards adds to the stress. Yoga offers us a vast number of tools to calm our nervous system and bring our mind to a “state of rest”.



Embedded between the towering peaks of the Bernese Alps lays the HUUS on a sun-kissed hill. Here you can enjoy the best views in all of Gstaad and thoroughly relax. Massages can be booked in advance and the wellness area can be used without restriction.


The single and double rooms are the perfect retreat to put your feet up and just relax. The generous box spring beds from Hästens ensure a refreshing sleep. You will get the opportunity to test these wonderfully comfortable beds for a whole two nights and the complementing Yoga practice offers deep relaxation and some advice for how to deal with sleep problems.


1.5 hours in the morning and 1.5 hours in the early evening hours. There is plenty of time in between Yoga lessons for visiting Gstaad, reading, wellness and enjoying the surroundings.


You can reach the HUUS Gstaad in 1.5 hours by car or public transport from Bern. Parking is available.


8am – 9.30am: Yoga in the morning (Monday and Tuesday) and breakfast

Afternoon at your leisure

5pm – 7pm: calm evening practice (Sunday and Monday)

We start on the 23 January at 5pm. Rooms are available from 3pm. On the 25 January we end the Yoga days after a breakfast together.


250 CHF incl. a goodie bag and the Yoga sequence “good sleep”


400 CHF in the double room plus visitor’s tax 5.90 CHF/day

640 CHF in the single room plus visitor’s tax 5.90 CHF/day


If you purchase a bed at Sleep Atelier until the 31 March 2022, the price for the accommodation will be accredited to the purchase price of the bed. Should you purchase an unlimited six-month or annual subscription at Yogamarket, the price for the Yoga will be accredited to the subscription.


Bed consultation

Sleep is a unique and complex activity that is deeply personal and private. There is no one- size-fits-all solution to finding the perfect bed and that is why we offer our individually tailored sleep consultations, held by our highly trained sleep specialists.

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